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We are a driven organisation dedicated to reducing our clients waste
disposal costs and improving their carbon footprint.

We promote human health and effective waste stewardship. We inform, educate, motivate and change the way people see waste in a way that delivers success, improves compliance and reduces costs.

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Waste Tracker interacts on a human scale with all your people. They are your most valuable assets. Waste Tracker recognises that. We work with your people to find the best solutions for their areas. This ensures that sustainable practices are implemented in the best possible way to ensure the maximum results.


Waste Tracker understands your environment and thinks of new ways to get key messages across using the most up to date methods and techniques. We also ensure that best practice is known and understood. So that your people are in the best position to make a difference. Training records are kept and available for our Clients IMS.


Our unique Auditing System ensures that key stakeholders receive feedback on what is actually happening in their areas. Regular audits ensure that we build up a very clear picture of habits, issues and compliance. As the picture develops, so Waste Tracker is able to bespoke solutions that work.


Every month the Waste Stream is monitored and analysed to detect savings. These savings are then shared with our clients and can add up to £100,000s per year.

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savings, no charges


Waste Tracker uses state of the art handheld devices to record Audit Results. These results are then sent to Area Managers for action, along with follow up visits by Waste Tracker professionals to that any corrective actions are taken. All our reports are available to our clients on our secure Web Console.

About Us

Walsh Integrated UK Ltd was founded in 2005 by Liam Hogg & Stephen Walsh as a response to increasing Waste segregation issues in the UK. Liam & Stephen have a combined experience of over 30 years in the Waste industry.

Both entrepreneurs have seen a growing need for improved Waste Management practice to be shared and operated across a wide range of sectors. They have a passion for people, the environment, compliance and reducing costs.

Waste Tracker is a vehicle for ensuring Waste Management best practice is understood and executed by management, staff and public.

The Waste Tracker solution has been in existence in the US for over 15 years now where it has an outstanding record. Waste Tracker was finally established in the UK in 2006 after engaging with a leading NHS Hospital Trust.

The Directors and major share holders of Walsh Integrated UK Ltd all bring a lot of expertise and experience to the table in the waste sector. Our Directors, who have both worked in the Clinical Waste sector for over 15 years are very familiar with the vast quantities of Domestic Waste that enter the Clinical Waste stream in a typical hospital environment; they express this practice as paying about £400 per tonne to dispose of something that should cost about £70 a tonne.

The Waste Tracker System, which uses a dedicated Web Based Server and specially programmed handheld devices, allows Waste Tracker operatives to perform ‘on the move’ tracking, inspections and reports. We employ our own ‘site supervisors’ and they are focused on ‘making a difference’. Waste tracker is a stand alone UK system that has been uniquely developed for this market. We maintain strong support links with our US developer and are well placed to update and roll out any new technology that will enhance our service provision to customers. We are the sole providers of this system in the UK.

Does Waste tracker work? Well in a typical 500 bed hospital environment we expect to divert Domestic Waste out of the Clinical Waste stream showing savings of up to £100,000 in the first year. Yes it works! Of course it depends on the level of segregation already in place and the cooperation of the hospital staff but our system is designed to make sure we all meet agreed goals. Our London Hospital experience exceeded clients expectations. Using the Waste Tracker system is an extremely low risk option for any hospital to consider because the set up costs are low and Waste Tracker is only reimbursed on proven savings made by the Hospital. The environmental attributes delivered in parallel to the financial savings are also significant and our reporting structure clearly indicates such achievements.

Liam Hogg
Managing Director